Xebec Sawls Nullyton
Xebec p
Age 49
Equipable Weapon Types Swords, Spears, Axes, Daggers, Great Swords, Hammers, Quivers

Xebec Sawls Nullyton grew up in an orphanage run by the Nullytons on Serra Farm. When the Nullytons were killed by bandits, Xebec was captured and forced to become one of them. He spent his childhood years pillaging and robbing and he honed his craft as a member of the Pluckers gang. When the Pluckers were surrounded by the Rustfell Kingdom's army. Xebec slew his leader, Pluck, and then pretended to be an escaped prisoner of the gang. The army subsequently released him and Xebec spent the next two decades working as a mercenary. He ended up in Merrill, where slow business forced him to become a permanent tenant of Merrill Inn.


Bottle of spirits, cooked fish +5

Torch, Fish/Meat, Leather/Fur/Fiber, Iron, Herbs +1

Water bottle -10