Reniat Recci Leminghouse
Reniat p
Age 17

Decidra (Grand Grandmother)

Meracon Cerat Leminghouse (Father)

Ruenica (Mother)

Bertram Fitzgerald (Younger Brother)

Equipable Weapon Types All

Reniat Recci Leminghouse is our Heroine. She was born in the small forest village of Merrill. As the firstborn of retired High-ranked adventurer Meracon and mage Ruenica, Reniat felt it was in her blood to explore. At age seven, a prince came to visit the town, and Reniat played with him all day and all night. When he left to head back to the castle, Reniat was determined to follow him, so she convinced her father to send her away to the castle's best boarding school. Unfortunately, when she arrived, she learned that her beloved prince had left to wander the world as an adventurer. Having returned home after ten years, Reniat vows to resume her dream of adventuring and restore Merill to its former glory.