Qwilte Ameti Zan FossbertEdit


Qwilte is the only child of Safron and Ostier Douglas, a lifelong Merrill couple that perished in a house fire. She managed to escape with a few bruises, but the tragedy still haunts her. Qwilte married her childhood friend, Rosche, a progeny of the prestigious Zan Frossbert family. Rosche inherited his father's general goods store in Merrill, but when he was drafted into the army, Qwilte took over the store. She has presided over the store's dwindling sales for four years now.

Qwilte is a good friend of Reniat's; a humble, hard working woman who has remained loyal to her husband Rosche, whom she has not heard of in over four years. She still holds faith that he is, in fact, still alive, and rebuffs the advances of several gentlemen who court her favor. Qwilte is also allowing Gunsqueak to run his business in her store, though she is sometimes annoyed by the awful smell of his wares.

Town ServiceEdit

Qwilte runs the general store, while allowing Gunsqueak to run his own business on a corner of her store. Qwilte sells potions, serums, torches, music boxes, repair hammers, and camp kits. On occasion, she will offer a sale, where everything will be at half price.


Herbs for QwilteEdit

Qwilte will, every now and then, post a mission asking for three of a certain herb. The first time the player does this, she will reward you with the recipe for Chainmail. Any other time, she will reward you with 350z, 50xp, and +5 Friendship.

Welcome the WesterlysEdit

Qwilte also tasks you to discover what the Westerlys like most, to give them gift ideas.

Friendship with ReniatEdit

Qwilte starts at level 1, like any other character. However, as giving her any kind of herb as a gift will give her 5 friendship points, it is possible to get her to 2 stars by day 9.