Reniat has six different crafts, each with their own set of recipes. She can access her recipe list at any time from the Library submenu of the main menu.

Crafting consumes AP points. The amount consumed varies from 0 to 20 depending on the difference between Reniat’s skill level and the item’s required skill level.

Cooking – Create delicious dishes that provide temporary stat boosts before battle, replenish AP, or give permanent stat boosts. Reniat can cook at her kitchen or the kitchen in the Adventurer’s Guild. She can obtain cooking ingredients by slaying monsters, finding small bags, or purchasing them from the Inn.

Smithing – Craft metal-based weapons, medium and heavy armor, helmets, and shields. Reniat can use the Blacksmith’s forge to smith. She can also purchase her own from Jarrell. Reniat must mine for ores with a hammer in her inventory. She can also purchase miscellaneous required ingredients such as flux from the Blacksmith.

Tailor – Use the loom at the Tailor’s to craft robes, light armor, clothes, and headgear. Reniat can find fiber plants scattered throughout dungeons and plains and Thornton sells other required ingredients for crafting. Reniat can purchase her own loom from Jarrell.

Alchemy – Concoct potions to keep Reniat and her companions refreshed in and out of battle. Reniat must gather herbs and petals and she can buy empty bottles from the Inn or from Yeardley. She can use the alchemy station at the Witches’ place, or buy her own from Jarrell.

Enchanting – Create your own enchantments from base enchanting ingredients. Empty orbs and essences are dropped occasionally by monsters or found from treasure chests. You can also buy them from Milly at the Witches’ place. Use the Enchanter’s Sphere there or buy your own from Jarrell to craft enchantments.

Construction – Using the workbench at the Tailor’s, you can craft wood-based weapons, bows, totems, accessories, toys, and furniture. You can also purchase your own workbench from Jarrell.