Obediah Jordan PlinkersEdit


Obediah Plinkers was the Inn Keeper of Merrill, before one of his grand daughters, Liffely, took over. Aged 71 years old, he was a well regarded man in the town of Merrill, who often supplied the town with fresh bread, wine, and other good meals. His memory, however, was starting to fail, and he was clearly afflicted with senility by the time Reniat returned.

The next day, Reniat is given an errand by her father to give Obediah a package of sorts. Meracon had other business to attend to, and felt he had no time to listen to any of the old inn keeper's long winded tales. Reluctantly, Reniat obeyed her father, going to the inn and delivering the parcel. Obediah invites Reniat to hear one of his many stories. Just as he was about to begin, however, Obediah seemingly suffers a stroke, dying in front of Reniat. Obediah was later buried in Merrill Graveyard in a funeral service attended by the entire town, sans Meracon.

Friendship with ReniatEdit

Obediah is the only character thus far to start his friendship level with Reniat at maximum level. As he dies, however, this friendship level is irrelevant.

Town ServiceEdit

Obediah ran the Merill Inn until his death. The player could otherwise buy basic cooking ingredients from him while he was alive.


  • He was 71 years old at the time of his death
  • Methuselah, a character that randomly appears in Black Bird Forest, is simply Obediah's sprite colored somewhat differently.