Meracot Cerat Leminghouse
Meracon p
Age 40

Decidra (Grandmother)

Ruenica (Wife)

Reniat Recci Leminghouse (First child - Daughter)

Bertram Fitzgerald Leminghouse (Second child - Son)

Meracon Cerat Leminghouse is Reniat and Bertram's father and current owner of the largest house in Merrill. He grew up in a small farming village just outside Castle Rustfell. At age 14, Meracon slew a bear that had tried to eat his grandmother, Decidra. This valorous act earned notice throughout Rustfell and the king took him in. Meracon trained for two years before heading off to adventure. In the span of just two years, he had defeated countless evil villains and amassed a large fortune. He settled down with his trusted party member Ruenica. and they had their first child four years later. Then a dragon messed up his legs and forced him to retire from adventuring. Unable to make ends meet, Ruenica left him two years following that incident.

At friendship level 2 he will start to teach weapons skills.


Lucky lunch, gift box, elunium +5

Iron, herbs, Water bottle, Fur, raw meats, bread +1

- 5 Bunny Tail