Name (Note) Description Cost Restores
Minor Healing

A popular health potion carried by many merchants. Synthesized by alchemists using commonly found rutra herbs.

50z 50 HP
Lesser Healing An intoxicating concoction of fresh herbs and spices said to increase virility. Oratoi petal is the main ingredient for this drink. 250z 250 HP?
Greater Healing
Major Healing
Superb Healing Potion This potion is an invention of Reniat's. It could make her a fortune if she sold the recipe to a big alchemist company. ?? 100% HP
Minor Mana A popular booster used by mages for a quick revitalization of their mana. The popularity of this drink has increased the value of blumanto petals. 100z 25 MP
Lesser Mana A stronger version of the minor mana potion, using twice the ingredients for thrice the potency. 500z 100 MP
Greater Mana
Elixer A luscious, silky liquid mixture created from carefully steeping rare herbs for hours. Offers full HP, MP, TP recovery for its drinker. ?? Full