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This wiki is for the RPG Maker VX Ace game Homework Salesman. Homework Salesman is the second game by the Star*Cadets, a team of two veteran RPG Maker developers, Diedrupo and Ronove. Homework Salesman is a simulation/RPG similar to the Rune Factory and Atelier games.


Reniat returns to her home village after years away at boarding school to find that the village is nearly deserted. The mine that the village depended on heavily for boosting its economy and tourism has been overrun by monsters and no one has bothered doing anything about it. Having trained as an adventurer, she decides to see what she can do about reviving the town and making a name for herself in the world.
Homework Salesman is a life simulation game with an emphasis on dungeon exploration, completing quests, crafting new equipment and items, and befriending the people in town. The game takes inspiration from the Rune Factory and Atelier series.


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