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Befriend each villager by talking to them every day and giving them gifts. Higher friendship levels allow you to learn each NPC's personal story and can also gain you access to new shop items, skills, hidden goodies, and more.


Increase friendship by:

  1. Talking to them
  2. Giving gifts
  3. Completing their quests

To check your friendship stats, select Library from the main menu and then select People. Selecting a person will bring up their biography.

The stars represent the friendship level – there is a maximum of eight stars and most characters start out at one star. The number next to the stars is your current friendship experience and the number required to raise the level.

In most cases, when you reach a new star level, you will unlock a new cut scene that will show you more about the character's backstory. Gaining star levels may unlock new  locations, new shop items, trainable skills and hidden goodies.

Increasing your friendship with certain townsfolk will also unlock various services. For example, by increasing friendship with your father, he will begin offering training for more advance weapon skills. Befriend Gunsqueak the trader and he will start paying you more for items you sell to him.

Giving Gifts[]

Each character likes and dislikes certain items.  Giving preferred items as gifts will increase your friendship more (+5) than neutral items (+1). Giving items they dislike will decrease friendship.

Suggested Gifts (+5 friendship):

Meracon: Lucky Lunch (+5), Gift Box (+20), Elunium
Bertram: Greic Leaf (+5), Gift Box
Boss: Iron Ore (+5), Elunium
Xebec: Bottle of Spirits, cooked fish. (+5 Each time you hire him)
Qwilte: herbs/plants
Gunsqueak: Monster drops (he always says the same, but relationship increases more with monster drop.)
Eagen: Gift Box, herbs/plants in general
Liffely: Gift Box, Meat, Fish, Salt, Flour, Sugar, Carrot (+5). (Dislikes mostly everything else)
Zathus: Elunium, gift box, some Enchantment. (Dislikes Flowers.)
Jarrel: Cake
Thorton: Leather, Ruko Fiber, Fur, Linon Fiber
Connelance: Music Box, Torch, Elunium
Linus: Monster drops (+5)
Sallintz: Bunny Gift
Milinter: Enchantment orbs (+5)
Yeardley: herbs in general, gift box, EIixir (+20)
Ankaba: - (+5 each time you hire her)
Horton: Cake, bottle of water
Keslin: Raw food and ingredients (Fruit, Salt, Sugar, Flour ) She hates fish.

(Thanks to Lemyngue for gift list)[]

See the page 'Cheapest Gifts' or a characters own page for more help with gifting.