Easter EggsEdit

Easter Eggs are objects of note that are easily missed unless you really poke around. Here is a list of stuff that may be considered Easter Eggs. Note that Easter Eggs are not World Events.

Easter Eggs in MerrillEdit

  • On Day 2, go into the Inn and talk to Xebec to activate an optional scene.
  • You can get a random weapon every day from Xebec's room once he becomes available permanently. He must be in your party to get the random weapon.
  • You can find the White Bunny Doll recipe from the bookshelf in the Workbench room of the Tailors.
  • You can find a recipe for Monster Soup in one of the bookshelves in the Adventurers Guild.

Easter Eggs in Blackbird ForestEdit

  • Activate the odd colored rock in the southeast part of the eastern map of Blackbird Forest to gain a news item about Migratory Birds.

Easter Eggs in Colorous CaveEdit

  • You can find the Clarent, a sword, in the northwest room of the mine entrance room (west exit from the first room of the cave).
  • You can find the Skie Spear in the first campsite room (on the 2nd floor).
  • If you go to the shrine room that has Plutonus before you get the quest from Zathus to explore the shrine, you will meet a bunch of pilgrims, one of whom is named Elements. After beating Plutonus, you'll later find Elements near the statue of Saint Kentona.
  • On the second floor, in the area called 'Shrine excavation", move across an invisible path from the first area to a small landing. From here go right to go to the shrine, or go left along a long, invisible path to get to a hidden chest (random mid-range treasure).
  • From the 5th floor of the cave (with lots of pits in the floor), go as far right as you can and use a pit to drop down to the 6th level. On the far right there a barely visible chest. (one time, above average treasure) [I got a slotted necklace.]

Easter Eggs in Runalea Plains Edit

  • Search the cabin to the right of the Runalea Falls for a free weapon.