Eagen Wolte Westerly
Eagen p
Age 17
Equipable Weapon Types Swords, Axes, Daggers, Great Swords, Hammers, Quivers

Eagen Wolte Westerly a student at a rival boarding school in Rustfell, Eagen moved to Merrill after graduating early and deciding he'd rather have a nice quiet life in the countryside than become an adventurer or educator, the two roles that the school had sought to place him in. He enjoys studying plants and herbs, and their utilization as medicine that can be used for instant effects. He saved up enough money to afford his own house and was about to be apprenticed by Merril's head alchemist, when the economy turned sour and people began leaving in droves after the mines were shut down. Merril's head alchemist, Baublegut, packed his bags and left as well, leaving Eagen to fend for himself. Now to make a living, Eagen forages for usable plants and treasures and sells them to Gunsqueak. Despite far more profitable foraging in other areas, Eagen is not quite willing to wander beyond Blackbird Forest.


Gift box, Herbs, meat/fish +5