Sorted by name.


Bertram (Brother) - Greic Leaf

Boss (Blacksmith) - Iron Ore

Connelance (Workbench) - Torch

Eagen (Fellow Adventurer) - Rutra Herb

Gunsqueak (Trader) - [Monster] Loot

Horton (Name Items) - Bottle of Water

Jarrell (Salesman) - Rutra Herb, Carrot [It seems he likes everything.]

Keslin (Maid) - Carrot

Liffely (Inn keeper) - Carrot

Linus (son of Tailor/Workbenchmaiden) - Loot, or cookie (probably any dessert).

Millinter (Enchanter) - Lvl.1 Suppression

Meracon (Father) - Lucky Lunch

Sallintz (daughter of Tailor/Workbenchmaiden) - Ruko Fiber

Thorton (Tailor) - Rutra Herb

Qwilte (General goods) - Rutra Herb

Xebec (Mercenary at Inn) - Lucky Lunch

Yeardley (Potions) - Rutra Herb

Zathus (Adventure's Guild) - Lvl.1 Suppression

-----Need items---

Ankaba (mercenary) (Un-giftable?) - [It seems as though she gets +5 every time you hire her, but that there is no other way to increase her affection.]